Home Studio Projects

I recently finished assembling a home music studio. For guitar projects I'm using a Line 6 Toneport and a POD Pro. Both are connected to my iMac which is configured to dual boot Windows XP and Mac OS-X. I have the Toneport working just fine on both operating systems. I primarily use Logic Studio for recording but also use Riffworks, AudioMulch, Line 6 Gearbox, PodFarm, & Garageband

In addition to the Toneport I'm using a MOTU Ultralite, a MOTU MIDI Express 128, a Digitech RP2000 effects pedal, and an M-Audio Keystation 49e MIDI controller. I recently added a Yamaha DTXpress digital drum kit to the setup. On the guitar front I'm using a Washburn HB-35 hollow body, a Yamaha Pacifica 821, and a BC Rich Zombie 5 string bass.

My Logic Pro setup includes a Frontier Tranzport wireless controller for triggering Logic Pro remotely while recording. It's a great little box for getting away from the computer during recording sessions but still gives you great control over the software.

The Toneport is still my "go to" box for quick mobile recording. For complex setups I chain the Toneport to the Ultralite using the S/PDIF interface. I just picked up my bass so I haven't had a chance to go through all the bass presets yet but the ones that I've tried so far are pretty sweet. The guitar presets are more than adequate, especially when combined with the POD Pro and the RP2000.

I've been working on an application for the Ztar from Starr Labs. It's a patch editor for configuring the instrument. The Ztar is a MIDI controller with all kinds of sensors and triggers. It can be played like a guitar or a keyboard using a tapping style of play. Be sure to check out the Starr Labs link on my project page to learn more about the Ztar!

My Ztar Mac patch editor project:

Right now my setup includes the following gear:

Some other goodies:

Misc Links:

Musician's Friend is my favorite on-line place to buy gear! I'll be adding some additional links in the near future. That's it for now... More to come as I get into Logic Pro, GarageBand, & MIDI!